The Premium

The maintenance-free deck of your dreams—no holds barred. 

This elaborate space is for those devoted to an incredible entertaining experience for family and friends. With a built-in covered grilling space, beautiful lighting, and even a covered, screened-in room, our Premium Deck Package will elevate the look and function of your home. 

You’ll never spend another minute indoors, and you may even have trouble getting your friends to leave.


Maintenance-free composite decking

No staining wood every 4 years, no splinters, and no rusting screws. This package includes industry-leading composite decking material that will last for decades.

Hidden Fasteners on Deck Surfaces

No unsightly screw-tops or nails popping out, this unique and durable fastener system keeps your deck boards down, with visible fasteners only on the perimeter and steps.

ADA-Compliant Durable Railings

Strong, resilient ADA-compliant railings for your stairs are available in a variety of colors and styles, included.


Covered, Screened-In Room

Enjoy the outdoors on warm or rainy days –– even sleep on your deck without worrying about bugs or weather. Includes electrical outlets, overhead light and ceiling fan.

Includes ‘Drink’ Rail

This seamless and uniformly flat 5” railing top accommodates setting down drinks, plates, etc. with no posts emerging from the railing top.

In Multiple Colors

Options include two-tone contrast, border options, a herringbone pattern, and more!

… and more

  • Dedicated grilling and prep area: This covered area is a griller’s dream, making outdoor cooking and cleanup a breeze. Includes electrical outlets.
  • Stone accents: Stone accents lend your space a unique, eye-catching pop.
  • Built-in bar top: 10-foot section of dedicated bar-top railing that your buddies will love.
  • Lighted pergola beam: Create an unforgettable atmosphere with dimmable lights that provide gorgeous ambiance.
  • Lighted stairways: Toe-kick accent lights transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Long-lasting concrete risers: An extra element of longevity, this deck is built on concrete piers to accommodate the weight of your roof and help this structure last even longer.


All Premium Deck Packages can be set up to 8 feet off the ground with a lattice covering the underside of the deck.
If you’re considering a 5’ tall or more deck, we’ll build a stairway landing which creates two separate flights of stairs.

16×20 with 16×16 room


3D Rendering

We’ll work with you to develop a clear mockup of your new deck so that you can visualize how your space will be transformed.

Frequent Questions

You’ve got deck questions, we’ve got deck answers. The Hawkins Carpentry team has been building decks in and around Chester County, PA for years.

We’ve seen (and done) it all.

Building a deck can vary dramatically in price, and the largest factors in deck pricing are: square footage, height, and material choice.

The square footage of your deck makes a tremendous difference due to material costs.
Deck height affects deck pricing because of materials, as well as the complexity of building taller decks. If you put a roof on your deck, the cement footers under the structure will be larger and thus cost more.

Finally material choices are another major determinant. Treated lumber is more affordable than composite decking, but it will not last as long and will require regular maintenance. Over the lifetime of the deck, the higher upfront costs associated with composite materials could cost less in time, replacement materials, and headache than traditional lumber construction.

That’s why at Hawkin’s Carpentry, we build decks only with composite materials.
By way of example, Hawkins Carpentry’s packaged decks make deck pricing incredibly easy. A 12 x 12 basic deck with durable composite materials (handrails and stairs included) is about $12,000.

Our pricing is transparent, our decks look incredible, and we build decks fast.

Learn more on our Packages page.


At least at Hawkins Carpentry. Our decks are built to last.

Basic deck construction is similar to home construction in some ways, with joists (usually 2×8 or 2×10 depending on length) laid 16 inches or 12 inches on-center.

This flooring substructure sits atop of vertical 4×4 or 6×6 treated lumber that either sits on poured concrete piers (above grade) or are set with concrete in the ground themselves.

Decking material is attached over top of the joists. This can be either 1×6 treated deck boards or 1×6 composite material.

If you’re thinking about building your own deck but none of these terms make sense…hiring a pro might be the best option.

Hawkins Carpentry has been building decks, porches, and additions for more than X decades in and around Chester County. Our skilled craftspeople are comfortable with any deck situation, unique grades, atypical structure and more.

We’ve built all kinds of decks, and our deck packages are the culmination of years of experience working with discerning homeowners across the region. We know that building a deck can be both exciting and a little nerve-racking, and our packages help take the headache out of the process, with transparency, clear communication, tried–and-true materials, and a simple selection and customization process.

Build a deck with the experts at Hawkins Carpentry.

Treated lumber was the go-to in decking material for decades. That’s changed, and for good reason.

We typically use composite materials for decks for the following reason:

  • Last longer. In fact, the materials we use have manufacturer warranties out to 50 years!
  • Require less maintenance. No more staining and sealing your deck every 4 years.
  • Look beautiful. With many color and finish options, composite materials offer unfading beauty and durability.
  • Are stronger. Last longer, are more durable, and require less maintenance. They even resist stains from common “spills” like mustard and ketchup.
  • Allow for hidden fasteners. With the right materials, you won’t even see screwheads or unsightly nails. No rusting!
  • Are no longer substantially more expense. Composite materials used to cost significantly more than treated lumber, but not any more. With advancements in manufacturing techniques and the more recent rise in lumber costs, composite decking materials are priced well for the perceptive homeowner.
  • Flexible. Some composite deck planks are flexible enough to be heated and then shaped, allowing for rounded corners and railings. Imagine decking like that around your pool!

In our experience and depending on size and material selection, a new deck and a new paved or stamped-concrete patio are often similar in price. If you want an entertaining space with railings that’s up off the ground (or even way off the ground), a deck is your only option.

Wood decks require sealing and/or staining about every four to five years, though some may require maintenance every two years depending on climate and exposure to elements. We use a semi-transparent, water-based stain on wooden decks.

Local codes vary, but any deck over 30″ off of grade definitely needs railing. We recommend railings on decks, both to contain chairs in windy conditions and to keep them child-safe.

Wood deck boards will shrink and expand by about ¼-inch through the year as moisture causes expansion and contraction.

Decks are built with deck boards, generally 1×6 material that has a small gap between the boards.

Porches are a more narrow structure with a lean-to roof.

Whether you choose a porch or a deck may depend on factors like the size of your home, the aesthetics you’re looking for, and functionality you need.


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